Easy Gardening Tips for Reluctant Gardeners

Top Garden Tips for reluctant Gardeners

A well-kept garden is a thing of beauty, but behold a garden that you do not attend to, very soon can become a major embarrassment to say the least. A nicely kept garden with a well-mowed lawn, a clean path or driveway and maybe a few flowers, plants or bushes takes relatively little maintenance and can be something be to be proud of.

On the other hand an untidy or unkempt garden with long grass or weeds, a dirty path or driveway and only overgrown plants and weeds really can be a poor reflection on the homeowner. What does it say about you, if you care so little that you will not spend 30 minutes to one hour  once a week, taking care of your garden and home.

With that said, we want to share a few simple tips from Careful Gardener – Online Garden Centre to make gardening easy, and even fun.




Good Tools

When you the right equipment to work with taking care of your garden, or doing any sort of job for that matter can be enjoyable, you’ll get a little exercise which is always good for you, and every drop of sweat you spend on your garden will pay dividends as your garden will start looking better immediately.

Somewhere To Store Your Garden Equipment

When the job is done you cannot leave your tools outside to rust. If you do, it will mean that will only do the gardening once, and then when the tools rust you won’t want to use them, or else you will need to buy new tools. So if you do not have a suitable garden shed or garage where you can store your supplies, we urge you to spend some time looking for one. It doesn’t need to be the best garden shed, or expensive or fancy. A basic garden shed will suffice.



Setting Your Expectations

We recommend that you start small, and appreciate and celebrate small wins. The way to win the gardening war, is little and often. We find that people that set themselves big gardening challenges are prone to feeling overwhelmed and lose interest, whereas if you make an agreement with yourself to spend 15 minutes every weekend working on your garden you are much more likely build a gardening habit. One that you will increasingly enjoy, and put more into.

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