Landscaping Techniques – Edible Gardens

Landscaping Techniques – Edible Gardens

landscaping gardeningIf you are planning on landscaping your garden dies your thoughts run to open areas, snug private nooks or just room for the children to play? Well, what about a garden that you can eat?

Mainly gone are the old vegetable patches that we may have grown up with or seen elsewhere, Today the thought of planting plants that you can eat is still a tradition and a good one to, it demonstrates a sense of value to our kids that we can plant, harvest, clean and then eat the very things that they pass day to day in our gardens. There is a significant interest that gets them involved in the food preparation and cooking, mainly if they helped with the planting, or better yet was the one to drop the seedlings into the ground and helped you water over time.

The Better Landscaping Ideas.

This idea has taken a turn for the better..What once was the flavor of the day (no pun intended) is now a growing garden movement as people have made the veggie gardens from the ground and have instead hung them from walls and other creative areas.

Vertical gardens have now made their way into our garden stores and into our lives.

landscaping a backyardBeing very accommodating when it comes to the amount of room required, and being smart in the water and nutrient delivery, Vertical hanging gardens are here to stay and will only get better as the design and price of the fixtures reduce.

Hanging gardens or vertical gardens are great for growing herbs and smaller vegetables in. They also make up a colorful backdrop to obscure and hides unsightly walls. So it begs the question of whether or not your landscaping project could be assisted with a wall of color, naturally aromatic scents and the freshest herbs and vegetables that you can find.