Landscaping Company Shares Things To Avoid For Your Home

3 Landscape Design Don’ts To Avoid At All Costs!

There are many mistakes that homeowners will often make with their landscape design plans, and some of them may end up being more costly than anticipated. In fact, you can avoid these landscape designs don’ts by paying attention to the mistakes of others, and to get more information click here. Without further ado, here are three things you should always avoid:

Having Ivy On Your Home

Many homeowners believe that ivy gently crawling up the side of their home is a great way to add interest and a new plant into their backyards. What the same people often don’t realize is that ivy from landscaping can take over your entire house and yard while destroying certain aspects of your home. The only way to prevent this from happening is regular pruning and making sure that the ivy doesn’t grow too much in size. In most instances, it’s a lot safer to look at other non-harmful plants for landscaping.

Be Mindful Of Your Water

Another favorite mistake being made in a landscape design is using too much green space in a climate where water is a commodity. If you live in a warm environment where you need to water your turf daily, you may wish to consider using other landscaping elements to make your yard look fresh and well kept. Choosing not to water your turf will lead your design to look cheap and will add to an unkempt appearance to your home. It’s much better to leave small areas of green turf while using stones, gravel or even sand to add interest.

Don’t Bring In Invasive Species

Use plants that are native to your region and won’t take too much of your resources. Choosing plants that are not native to your climate will result in your spending a great deal of money on soil, water, and nutrients to make them grow. Regardless of your climate, you can find plenty of exotic plants to create a landscape design that can add value as well as interest in your property. Make sure you don’t bring invasive species of plants for your landscaping.

Now that you know the mistakes that other homeowners have made before you with their landscape designs, you can choose to avoid them! Skipping harmful plants such as ivy and choosing to install native plants will ensure that your yard lives on and looks as beautiful as the day it was installed.